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The highest standards of data security to ensure supplier information is protected.

Canopy CONNECT elevates your data security protections immediately by getting sensitive information off email and onto a platform.

01 / Activate data security and reduce risk

With Canopy COLLECT, data is held securely with strict access controls (ISAE 3402), and you can determine the level of access for different authorised stakeholders. Canopy brings users into the system, through the protection of login or SSO, rather than sharing sensitive information on email. Now you have increased data security compliance and reduced the risk of commercially sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

02 / Segregate duties to minimise fraud risk

Canopy COLLECT’s workflow ensures individual users are unable to make changes without supplementary authorisation. For example, banking information requires multiple user approvals before details in ERP are updated. Now you can protect yourself and your suppliers from potential rogue actors in your organisation.

03 / Audit history provides a definitive record of activity

In Canopy COLLECT, every data change, workflow stage, and approval are time-and-date stamped with the user’s name, so there is a complete audit history of everything that has happened to a supplier’s profile.

Now you have an audit trail showing you exactly who has done what to supplier data.

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