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Thank you for visiting us at DPW/Amsterdam

Want to reduce spend by 10% across your entire supply chain?
Here you'll find some resources that will help do just that.

Did you know? Canopy reduces spend by 10% across your entire supply chain. 

This year, DPW focused on how to make digital aspirations for procurement a reality now. And that's exactly what we've done with Canopy.

 Canopy is the control centre of your supplier operations. The Vendor Master Record aligns spend, risk, contractual status, ERP availability, performance, ESG and diversity across your supply chain for maximum visibility and complete control. 

Choose Canopy. Reduce spend today.

Resources for DPW Visitors

Supplier Management Checklist

Exclusively for DPW visitors, this Supplier Management Checklist highlights some of the critical issues to maximise your supply chain.

Managing your supplier data feels daunting. That’s why we’ve created a simple checklist for you to follow.

Business-critical gaps in your supplier information can impact your financial performance negatively. Studies from The Hackett Group and IACCM have revealed that poor data quality could be costing your business 5-7% in excess spend alone.


Download the Checklist to see how to reduce spend today.

to Canopy

Canopy is a rules-based supplier management platform. It eliminates the administrative burden from procurement operations, saving time, reducing cost, and allowing you to realise the strategic opportunities of a best-in-class supply chain.

It gives complete and up-to-date visibility of vendor master data while automating business processes. From compliance to performance, it eliminates the manual effort required to manage suppliers.

Canopy empowers stronger supplier relationships, typically saving £250 per vendor each year. That’s a saving of £500k every year if you work with 2,000 suppliers.

Protect yourself against supply chain failures

80% of the most financially damaging global disasters have occurred in the last 20 years. Canopy will protect your organisation by building better, faster, and more secure supplier management processes.

Canopy gives you complete visibility of all your supplier information and automation that removes the administrative burden of supplier management.

Canopy, is developed by OCG Software, a solutions provider that has been solving problems for procurement and supply chain practitioners for over 20 years. Our customer-focused approach means Canopy delivers business value immediately.

Resources exclusively for DPW visitors

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