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Deploy Canopy and enforce consistent business rules and policies across all suppliers.

Ensuring they are fully vetted and approved according to your supplier governance framework. Our customers have achieved 100% compliance across suppliers within three months. You could too.

01 / Set compliance requirements across all departments

Canopy lets you assess a wide variety of risks, such as Financial, Anti Bribery & Corruption, Data Security & Privacy, Modern Slavery, Health & Safety, Conflict of Interest, and more. Now suppliers are compliant, their information is accurate and complete, and it stays that way while you work with them.

02 / Work flexibility and adapt rules as needed

Canopy lets you easily modify and update rules as changing business requirements or evolving market conditions require. This flexibility allows you to adapt your supplier management processes to new policies, regulations, or business strategies. You can quickly introduce new rules or modify existing ones without requiring system changes. Now you can manage suppliers with agility and responsiveness.

03 / Define compliance needs locally

Canopy enables you to be specific about your compliance needs at a local level. The system enables you to quickly verify suppliers for the specific countries, categories, sites, and buildings where they work. Now you can guarantee compliance down to the individuals who visit you on-site.

screengrab graphic for Canopy supplier management procuretech

Canopy brings automation, consistency, and real-time decision-making together enabling effective compliance management.

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3 minutes to find out how effective your supplier management systems really are.

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