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Take control of ESG and diversity compliance across your whole supply chain

Canopy delivers ongoing reporting and monitoring against your ESG commitments.

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ESG and emissions information are now critical to compliant supply chain management. Scope 3 emissions reporting requires the efficient collection of data from a range of suppliers.

Canopy facilitates the process, linking all data to a central interface between you and your suppliers. It delivers ongoing reporting and monitoring against your ESG commitments.

Canopy can help you respond to diversity in local supply chains. Understanding how many vendors are owned by women, have a good approach to disability or are SMEs can help to meet your ESG goals.

That can extend to being respectful of local business cultures, such as ownership by veterans in the USA, or respecting broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) in South Africa.

  • Canopy becomes the universal conduit through which to collect ESG data.

  • Utilise Canopy’s pre-defined independently audited ESG and Diversity questionnaires or build your own within the platform.

  • Collect all the necessary information to meet the reporting obligations for Scope 3 and other legislative requirements, including emissions data and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) documentation.

  • Combine data points to build a complete picture of your ESG and Diversity exposure.

  • Define governance rules on a per category and per geography basis to ensure you are meeting your ESG and Diversity commitments.

  • Control the extent of trade with non-conforming suppliers through business rules, linking ESG requirements directly with ERP status.

Contact Canopy today and proactively monitor ESG and diversity compliance throughout your whole supply chain.

Suppliers have to agree to our terms as part of the onboarding process. Since then the number of invoices under query each month has fallen by 80%.”

Finance Director

International logistics business

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