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Performance reviews and ‘star-based’ feedback ensure you build the strongest supply chain possible.


Performance and Relationship Management

Canopy is the common interface between you and your supplier. As the trusted record, it becomes the primary conduit through which to manage your ongoing relationship.


Supplier profiles include performance reviews, enabling your stakeholders to leave 'star-based' feedback, giving a quick and easy numerical comparison.

Where more detailed quality assurance is required, tailored performance questionnaires allow for a thorough assessment from local stakeholders.

Quantitative and qualitative feedback is made accessible to approved internal users.

This highlights excellence or below-par delivery and can help stakeholders avoid repeating costly supplier mistakes by leveraging performance scores across the business.

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Reduce the cost of supplier management by £250 per supplier per year

Canopy reduces the cost of supplier management by £250 per supplier per year, saving £500K per year for a business with 2,000 suppliers

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Keeping Critical Supplier Information Updated

Of critical importance is how Canopy allows for the seamless updating and re-approval of supplier information as it changes.

Bank details are a particular challenge for finance teams, where access to the ERP is understandably protected to preserve the accuracy of data.

Through Canopy, suppliers can update their banking details directly through their profile. By allowing data to be exchanged with the ERP, your finance team can have confidence they are always working off the very latest information.