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Canopy becomes the primary conduit to manage governance and performance

Improve your strategic approach to supply chain governance

Canopy is the common interface between you and your supplier. As the trusted record, it becomes the primary conduit through which to manage governance and performance.

Where more detailed quality assurance is required, tailored performance questionnaires allow for a thorough assessment from local stakeholders.

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Quantitative and qualitative feedback is made accessible to approved internal users.

This highlights excellence or below-par delivery and can help stakeholders avoid repeating costly supplier mistakes by leveraging performance scores across the business.

  • Performance Management:  Enable your stakeholders to rate suppliers with feedback, providing a quick and easy qualitative comparison between suppliers.

  • Governance rules allow you to define thresholds of spend, risk, performance, and any other data point, on a category and geography basis.

  • Managing the Supplier Lifecycle:  Manage changes in supplier status or classification, allowing for the promotion or demotion of specific companies.

  • Suppliers can maintain marketing information so that buyers learn about new products and services, and buyers can raise quotation requests.

Contact Canopy today and proactively manage governance and performance throughout your whole supply chain.




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"By linking to our ERP, we're now automatically blocked from raising POs against suppliers who fall non-compliant, which has been life-changing.”

Head of Procurement & Risk, Global IT infrastructure business

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