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Do you know who your suppliers are?

  • Can you easily find their information?

  • Have they all been appropriately risk assessed?

  • When did you last check their insurance credentials?


Good business is built on good decisions. To make the right calls, you need accurate and up-to-date supplier information at your fingertips. But most companies don’t!


Where is your supplier data stored? Is it even up-to-date?

Canopy ensures you know all you need to about your suppliers

Canopy gives you complete visibility and control of your suppliers.


It brings the whole business together around a single, trusted, vendor master record, so everyone knows what’s going on and stakeholders can access the information they need in a secure manner.

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Canopy gives you the data foundation to run a successful supplier management operation

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

From bank details to certifications, contracts and insurances, all your supplier information is managed and accessed centrally from the Vendor Master Record.

Automated Monitoring & Alerts

In-built automations ensure credentials are monitored continuously and alerts are triggered immediately when risk is elevated.

Eliminating Non-compliant Trade

Connecting Canopy with your ERP allows breaches of risk and compliance rules to suspend new purchase orders (POs) and trigger payment hold, eliminating non-compliant trade.

Full Audit

Canopy captures a complete audit history of every change to the supplier’s profile, ensuring complete confidence in the validity of the information held.

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