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Every supplier in Canopy is risk-assessed, so you can automatically manage them based on the risk they pose to your business.

Where risks cannot be avoided, Canopy enables you to respond to major supply chain disruptions within 30 minutes.

01 / Identify risk and plan mitigations

Canopy helps to identify and mitigate risks, flagging potential issues such as non-compliance with regulations, unethical practices, or the minimum standards required for a particular project. If Canopy detects an issue, it immediately notifies you of supplier incidents or non-compliant activity, automatically triggering remedial actions and alerting other business systems. Now you can identify risk and implement corrective measures fast.

02 / Set compliance needs at a macro and micro level

Canopy's risk architecture distinguishes between local market dynamics, such as your business logic, jurisdictional legislation, and site-specific requirements. It lets you quickly verify suppliers for the specific countries, categories, sites, and buildings where they work, right down to the individuals who visit you on-site. Now you can distinguish in detail between suppliers who should and should not be working on a particular project.

03 / Centralise rules and localise decisions

With Canopy you get to define governance models centrally, while granting boots-on-the-ground managers the autonomy to make site-specific supply chain decisions – while still playing by the rules you set. Together, that enables quick decision-making on the ground, alongside quality supply chain oversight. Now your team members can act swiftly without making costly supply chain mistakes. 

Contact Canopy today and proactively monitor critical supplier data and highlight non-compliance to minimise risk exposure.

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