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Working with a
non-compliant supplier?
What could go wrong?


Drive compliance and reduce the risks of non-compliant suppliers.

Could you be held liable for failures among your suppliers? In a word, yes.

It's vital to make sure your suppliers are compliant with regulations and have their own risk assessment and mitigation measures in place.

Major risks include:

  • Liability for serious harm

  • Non-compliant subcontractor risks

  • Contractor insolvency

  • Changes to legislation

There can be wide-ranging consequences for dealing with non-compliant suppliers. Company directors are individually liable for breaches of compliance with regulations, as they have a duty to exercise reasonable diligence.

To find out how Canopy eliminates the risk of doing business with non-compliant suppliers, complete the form opposite.

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The Canopy Supplier Management platform drives compliance and reduces risk.

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

Supplier certifications, insurance, and sustainability credentials are hosted and managed centrally on the Vendor Master Record.

In-built automation ensures credentials are monitored continuously, providing an ongoing assessment of risk and compliance beyond the initial onboarding.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

If risk is elevated or compliance breached, notifications are triggered immediately and the supplier is suspended from availability.

The rules engine allows for suppliers to be risk-assessed based on screening criteria and category strategies.

The assessments help to determine risk exposure and the pathways to facilitate better mitigation and management.

Eliminating Non-compliant Trade

Integrating Canopy with your ERP enables rules to suspend new purchase orders for suppliers based on changes in their profile.


This can include factors such as falling non-compliant or exceeding a spend limit.


100% compliant trade is now achievable with Canopy.

Full Audit

Canopy captures a complete time- and date-stamped audit history of every entry and change made to the supplier’s profile.


It ensures confidence in the validity of information held. Our clients rely on this audit as documented evidence in legal disputes with suppliers.

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