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Why choose OCG Software's Canopy for supplier management?

With the Canopy supplier management platform, OCG Software has developed a winning formula to save clients time and resources.

Canopy from OCG Software
At OCG Software we know the importance of procurement and supply chain management in 21st-century business.

Here at OCG Software, we know the importance of procurement and supply chain management in 21st-century business. We're a technology company with more than twenty years of experience in the field. As technology has made it easier to structure complex supply chains, it's also increased the amount of data that goes into decision-making. But working out how to share that information within a business has become an increasing challenge. And what data needs capturing changes over time too; information on sustainability and social responsibility is ever more important.

Procurement teams need an all-encompassing and reliable platform to deal with all that data, and that's where Canopy comes in. In this blog, we'll look at how we deliver this platform to our clients while offering reassurance on deploying it for their business.

Who we are and what we do

In a world of complex supply chains, businesses need to be able to rely on the information they have on their suppliers to make decisions. Not only does it have to be up-to-date, but it’s also got to be easily accessible from one place. And it has to be highly secure, yet readily available and formatted in a way that meets the diverse needs of various teams.

OCG Software has risen to the challenge of delivering on all those requirements. We're a team of practitioners and experts in the field of supplier information management. Our customer-focused approach enables us to solve highly complex real-world problems, adapting our technology to fit the needs of business. We enable procurement teams across multiple sectors to optimise the management of their suppliers.

Introducing Canopy, the supplier management platform that gets results

We have learnt from our success developing specialised systems to solve supplier data problems for our global blue-chip clients. So we launched Canopy, the comprehensive supplier management platform. Canopy keeps supplier data in one place, so it's easy to locate, consistently presented, and visible to the right people across the business. By monitoring suppliers throughout their relationship with a business, it will alert key people if something goes wrong that needs attention. And ultimately, it saves businesses money, by reducing time wasted on manual processes and paper-based activities.

Canopy is a part of a global trend to outsource non-core business processes to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) organisations. Through Canopy, we want to empower procurement teams to maximise strategic value for their businesses and our wider society, by removing the administrative burden of supplier management.

Providing our clients with the reassurance they need

For companies that choose to outsource certain business functions, many questions arise. They need to know that the service provider has the operational procedures in place to deliver a robust service. Cyber security and authorising access to information are huge concerns. And of course, they need to rely on sufficient anti-fraud and risk control measures.

We take all these issues seriously and that's why our platform is independently audited. Canopy is certified as ISAE3402 SOC1 Type II compliant. The ISAE 3402 process provides the leading solution for managing all the outsourcing risks companies may identify. And as well as holding this prestigious kitemark, we're also an award-winning team. And, our platform has won the CIPS Excellence in Technology Procurement Award.

With all your supplier information in one place, you need to know that it's working for you in the best possible way, remaining secure yet accessible. That's the difference that Canopy from OCG Software can make to your business.

To find out more about OCG Software and Canopy, our award-winning supplier management platform, contact one of the team today.

Post by Nick Verkroost

Nick is an experienced business leader and the COO for Canopy (OCG Software), the rules-based Supplier Management platform. Nick's focus is on commercial and operational excellence and ensuring our clients maximise the opportunities that Canopy offers.


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