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Proactively monitor critical supplier data, and highlight non-compliance to minimise risks.

Keep risk under control, without worry or manual effort

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Canopy facilitates proactive risk management, enabling you to assess, validate, and manage suppliers. The smart platform will immediately notify you of supplier incidents or non-compliant activity, automatically triggering remedial actions and alerting your other business systems.

Canopy enables you to be specific about your compliance needs at a local level. The system enables you to quickly verify suppliers for the specific countries, categories, sites, and buildings where they work. And that applies right down to the individuals who visit you on-site.

  • Canopy uses risk as the primary means to assess the urgency and impact of supplier activities.

  • Assess a wide variety of risks, including financial, Anti Bribery & Corruption, data security and privacy, Modern Slavery, health and safety, etc.

  • Risks are monitored continuously and automatically alerted to relevant users, providing an ongoing assessment.

  • Integration with your ERP lets you enable business rules to suspend new POs in the event of compliance breaches.

  • Canopy's risk architecture distinguishes between local market dynamics, such as language, jurisdictional legislation, and site-specific requirements

  • Complete date-stamped audit history of every change to the supplier’s profile.

Contact Canopy today and proactively monitor critical supplier data, and highlight non-compliance to minimise risk exposure.




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"We can automatically limit compliant suppliers to quote for work, which is particularly important for our gas and high-voltage electricity suppliers.”
Procurement Director,

The international property management company

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