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Proactively monitor critical supplier data, and highlight non-compliance to minimise risk exposure.


Keep Risk Under Control, Without Worry or Manual Effort

It is essential to identify and manage supply chain risks thoroughly, particularly in an uncertain world.

Canopy facilitates proactive risk management, enabling you to assess, validate, and manage your supply chain to flag areas requiring attention and avoid potential failures.

Canopy immediately notifies you of supplier incidents or non-compliant activity, automatically triggering remedial actions and alerting your other business systems.

Hyperlocal and  Site-specific

Canopy enables you to be specific about your compliance needs.

We recognise that criteria may vary at a local level. That is why Canopy enables you to quickly verify suppliers for the specific countries, categories, sites, and buildings where they work. And that applies right down to the individuals who visit you on-site.

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Achieve 100% on-site compliance

One of our customers achieved a four-fold improvement in the rate of compliance through the use of Canopy. They also achieved 100% on-site compliance.

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Automations Trigger Corrective Action to be Taken Quickly

As documents expire or thresholds are reached, suppliers are automatically prompted to review and resupply their information.


This ensures time-bound risk management while removing the manual effort. 

Where criteria become increasingly complex, Canopy automatically identifies the specific reasons why risk has been elevated and what the supplier can do to address it.