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Canopy is particularly powerful for small procurement teams in multiple sectors. 

Configured to meet the demands of your business structure, Canopy enables you to manage multiple sites with localised needs and rapidly growing multi-national supply chains. 

Red Staircase
Engineers and Businesspeople

Construction,    civil engineering, and utility sites

Managing supply chains across multiple sites and buildings is a complex operation. Each site carries its own unique requirements, requiring local knowledge.

That’s why Canopy puts supplier decision-making in the hands of the operators on the ground, based on a centrally defined governance framework.


Canopy puts all supplier documentation into a single Vendor Master Record so that everyone in the business has complete visibility and trust in the management of the supply chain.

Office Building
Business meeting

Facilities and property management services

Canopy provides facilities managers with complete trust and confidence in the compliance of all suppliers who come onsite.

This protects the business from HSE, data protection, Modern Slavery and other key risk areas. It also gives assurance to the people who work or live in the building that everyone entering the premises has been properly vetted.


Canopy is used by blue-chip facilities management companies to manage the supply of goods and services to properties as diverse as office buildings, data centres and nuclear power facilities, worldwide.

Shopping Mall Escalators
Bicycle Repair Shop

Hospitality, retail, travel, and leisure

Hospitality combines the dual challenges of fragmented locations with a transient workforce. For an industry operating on thin margins, an efficient supplier management operation is essential to your business success.


Canopy eliminates the guesswork and removes the administrative burden of managing the supply chain. With 100% confidence in the supplier base, Canopy allows for a more efficient and effective hospitality operation.

Empty aisle in the hospital
Seniors Socializing

Care homes, retirement homes, and hospices

One of the biggest challenges for any operator of a home is to protect the interests of its residents, many of whom will be vulnerable.

Risks need to be carefully managed when selecting suppliers, particularly those who need to come onsite.


Canopy’s supplier management platform provides 100% confidence that anyone who visits the home has been properly vetted and approved.

Supplier selection defaults to those who are already on the books and have demonstrated good performance, removing the administrative burden.

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