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graphic of a man with rockets alluding to how Canopy boosts the power of tiny procurement teams


Canopy boosts the power of tiny procurement teams*

*No actual rockets required.

Tiny teams, huge responsibilities, all supported by Canopy

It may be a 'team' of one person, but in many businesses, the procurement function has hundreds or even thousands of suppliers to look after. They'll be responsible for onboarding, assessing risk, monitoring compliance, and ongoing relationship management.

We know from our experience as procurement professionals that it can be overwhelming without the proper support, and that’s where Canopy comes in. Canopy can boost the power of procurement, however small the team is.

Canopy provides visibility and control

With Canopy, supplier management becomes more of an inbound relationship, freeing up valuable procurement time to look at broader business goals. The onus is on the supplier to keep themselves compliant.


And with the ability to block non-compliant suppliers, procurement can gain an additional level of comfort. For instance, the platform sends automated emails to suppliers signalling that key compliance documentation is about to expire.

A single record for each supplier

From bank details to certifications, contracts and insurances, all your supplier information is managed and accessed centrally from the Vendor Master Record.

Automated Monitoring & Alerts

In-built automations ensure credentials are monitored continuously and alerts are triggered immediately when risk is elevated.

Eliminating Non-compliant Trade

Connecting Canopy with your ERP allows breaches of risk and compliance rules to suspend new purchase orders (POs) and trigger payment hold, eliminating non-compliant trade.

Full Audit

Canopy captures a complete audit history of every change to the supplier’s profile, ensuring complete confidence in the validity of the information held.

Canopy's rules engine and agile automation boosts small procurement teams.

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