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See all supplier profiles that match specific criteria for best choice selections.


Your Whole Supply Chain, in One Secure, Accessible Platform

Comprehensive search tools let you see the entire population of supplier profiles that match your criteria.

This encourages your buyers to select suppliers already on your books rather than defaulting to onboarding new suppliers.

Status indicators and key metrics make comparisons between suppliers quick and easy to understand.

Choose your most vital criteria, eg.:

  • Compliance status.

  • Trading information.

  • Performance scores.

  • RAG statuses.


Indicators give your buyers complete clarity of who they should work with.

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Search Orange.png

Only Work with the Right Suppliers

Your business rules and governance models ensure that suppliers cannot be chosen for the wrong country, site, category, or service.

By defining governance rules centrally, operations teams on the ground now have complete autonomy to make their own supplier selection decisions that meet their individual needs.

Canopy categorises suppliers by the selection criterion you choose, eg.:

  • Fully onboarded.

  • Contracts in place.

  • Excellent project feedback.

  • Cost efficiencies.

Stakeholders can search by the criteria most critical to a particular project, and Canopy will spotlight the preferred suppliers.