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Aggregate accurate and comprehensive supplier data in a single, shareable record.


A Single Master Record for Every Supplier

Canopy's Vendor Master Record is an efficient and strategic solution for managing all your supplier information.

The Vendor Master Record acts as the 'shop window' to the supplier, providing contact and contract information together with details about their capabilities and compliance.

It removes time-consuming manual processes to input, update, and maintain supplier data by your finance, procurement, and compliance teams.

Canopy becomes your centralised repository for all your supplier information and documentation.

Stakeholders can access contracts, framework agreements, insurances, licences, permits, and regulatory certificates in just a few clicks.

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Reduce invoice queries by 80%

One of our customers reduced the number of invoice queries by 80% by aligning the ERP with the vendor master record.

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Quickly Understand what’s Going on and Answer Key Questions

Canopy's supplier profiles provide complete visibility of who your suppliers are.


The platform shows you what they do, their risk, compliance, performance, spend, ESG and EDI credentials, and how to engage them.

By assessing suppliers across multiple data points, users can answer critical questions such as:

  • Which suppliers are preferred or have terms and pricing agreed?

  • Who could provide urgent services in precise locations?

  • Are the supplier’s insurances in date?

  • What volume of carbon emissions did the supplier produce?