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Transform Supplier Relationship Management for Small Procurement Teams

Canopy, a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) platform, is crafted for small procurement teams, offering complete visibility of supplier data and eliminating manual admin tasks from your operations.



Why Choose Canopy?
3 Tiers of  Supplier Relationship Management Excellence

Canopy has tiered modules for Data Management, Supplier Onboarding, and Lifecycle Management. These modules are designed to give small procurement teams complete visibility of supplier data and eliminate manual admin from supply chain operations, improving overall Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

*Yes really, just £99 a month. And it's designed for ease of use, so you can be up and running today.

Supplier Data Management

No more scattered data. Configurable Vendor Master Records ensure one source of truth. Maximum visibility, minimal admin. Access supplier data effortlessly.

Supplier Onboarding

Streamline supplier onboarding. Automates intake, due diligence, and approvals. Suppliers maintain their data. Get notified of their actions. Eliminate admin, maximise efficiency.

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Monitor supplier risk, performance, and compliance. Automate actions per business rules. Manage availability in ERP, and safeguard against non-compliance and poor performance.

Elevate Your Supplier Relationships with Canopy SRM

Canopy SRM fosters long-term, collaborative supply chain partnerships. It enhances mutual benefits, drives innovation, and ensures a reliable supply chain by empowering you to evaluate performance, negotiate better contracts, and develop joint initiatives, optimising costs, quality, and delivery.

Boost Transparency with Canopy SRM's Data Visibility

Improve data visibility by centralising supplier information, performance metrics, and contract details. Canopy COLLECT gives you real-time access, allowing users to generate reports, track key performance indicators, and make better decisions. That leads to a more transparent and efficient supply chain with the Canopy SRM platform.

*Yes really, just £99 a month. And it's designed for ease of use, so you can be up and running today.

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Cut Admin Work with Canopy SRM Automation

Significantly cut down on admin work by automating supplier info, performance tracking, and contract updates. That will reduce manual data entry and errors, streamlining processes so teams can focus on more critical tasks.

Boost productivity and ease the admin load with Canopy SRM.

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Secure Your Supply Chain with Canopy SRM

Provide security and stability by helping manage risk and control performance. Automatically track supplier data and performance, helping you spot risks early and ensure suppliers meet quality and delivery standards.

By simplifying these tasks, you improve decision-making and keep the supply chain running smoothly with Canopy Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software.

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We have migrated from seven separate pools of supplier data and have eliminated a number of expensive systems and processes."

CPO, International construction business 

“Canopy benefits the interaction with finance and ERP the most. But sales teams also benefit; they have data at their fingertips, enabling them to respond to clients faster and more accurately."

Global Head of Procurement & Risk



By linking the platform to our ERP, we're now automatically blocked from raising POs against suppliers who fall non-compliant, which has been life-changing."

Head of Procurement & Risk, Global IT business 

Canopy is a critical partner for Yondr Group. Without the platform, we wouldn’t have a clear view of supplier compliance across our supply chain, which means we wouldn’t be able to grow as quickly. It’s that simple!"

Head of Procurement



We’re able to automatically limit compliant suppliers to quote for work, which is particularly important for our gas and high-voltage electricity suppliers."

Procurement Director

International property management company​​

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