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Canopy underpins Yondr’s global expansion


Managing a Rapidly Expanding Supply Chain

Yondr is a developer, owner operator and service provider of

hyperscale data centres. Yondr aims to meet businesses’

growing demand for data centre capacity and technical real estate with its scalable, high-performance data centre services.

As record holders for the fastest development of a hyperscale data centre, it’s no surprise that speed is core to

Yondr’s business strategy. However, rapid global expansion comes with huge risks. Yondr needed a simple and cost-effective way to manage a rapidly expanding supply chain across new markets.

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2x Year-on-year growth in the size of the supply chain.

4x Improvement in overall supplier compliance in one year.

100% Compliance across on-site suppliers


1,000+ Accurate data points captured and maintained per supplier.


A Clear View Of Compliance
Across The Supply Chain 

With Canopy, Yondr’s teams can quickly and securely find, select, engage and monitor suppliers from their rapidly evolving supply chain. All in full confidence of

compliance and performance.


Yondr now onboard all suppliers through Canopy giving them total confidence that all compliance standards have been achieved.

Our site-specific question sets, risk assessments, and integrations with other systems ensure that the platform is flexible enough to meet Yondr’s changing needs as the company grows.

Image by NASA

“Canopy is a critical partner for Yondr Group. Without the platform, we wouldn’t have a clear view of supplier compliance across our supply chain,

which means we wouldn’t be able to grow as quickly. It’s that simple!”

Head of Procurement & Risk, Yondr


What’s Next For Yondr?

Yondr plans to launch data centres in the US, Canada, Central, and South America. With Canopy, Yondr will ensure its high standards for worker conditions are maintained for suppliers and subcontractors globally, and any risk of disruption to its service is reduced.

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