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Canopy collects and tracks ESG and diversity metrics for each supplier.

It becomes a centralised repository for your data, allowing you to effectively monitor performance and compliance. Immediately shining a spotlight on those suppliers that you want to work with to improve your own ESG performance.

01 / Assess and evaluate suppliers efficiently

Canopy facilitates the assessment and evaluation of suppliers based on ESG and diversity criteria. It provides standardised questionnaires to gather relevant data and assess supplier practices and pulls data from third party sources. Now you can identify suppliers that align with your ESG and diversity goals and make informed decisions about selection and engagement.

02 / Highlight risks and identify mitigations

Canopy tracks supplier data and conducts assessments, flagging potential risks, such as non-compliance with regulations, unethical practices, or lack of diversity within the supplier base. Now you can proactively address these risks and work with suppliers to implement corrective measures.

03 / Collaborate with the best and improve performance

Canopy facilitates collaboration to drive positive change providing a communication channel for sharing best practice, implementing improvement initiatives, and fostering dialogue on ESG and diversity-related topics. Now you can work collectively, to enhance your sustainability efforts and diversity initiatives.

Screen grab of Canopy in action showing how it can help boost ESG reporting

Use Canopy to drive positive social and environmental change while fostering diversity and inclusion across your whole supply chain.

comic strip graphic to illustrate Canopy's supplier management quiz



3 minutes to find out how effective your supplier management systems really are.

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