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Canopy eliminates the administrative burden from procurement operations.

This empowers you to focus attention on driving the strategic opportunities of a best-in-class supply chain while reducing the cost of supplier management by 65%.

01 / Push administration tasks to suppliers and save your time

Canopy pushes the burden of data collection to the supplier, so they become directly responsible for the accuracy and recency of their profile through the Vendor Master Record. It’s in their interest to ensure that the critical information you rely on is protected by their guarantee. Now, you have reduced the manual effort for your team, speeded up onboarding, and reduced costs by up to 65%.


02 / Automate supplier availability and authorisation

With Canopy, contract expiry can automatically trigger availability in ERP. And, if a supplier breaches compliance, they are put on hold for new POs. Canopy feeds your downstream business systems, such as ERP and CLM, allowing you to set business rules governing the conditions under which a supplier’s status changes, so all departments are immediately alerted to changes in supplier availability. Now you’ve eliminated trade with suppliers you shouldn’t be trading with.

03 / Automatically route actions to relevant users

Procurement workflow touches lots of neighbouring departments, such as Finance, Legal, Data Security, Health & Safety, and Sales. Canopy alerts each of these users to any actions they need to take, eliminating the need for constant manual chasing. Now you’ve eliminated the burden of supplier administration from your procurement operations.

Minimise manual effort and let Canopy eliminate the admin burden in procurement operations across all departments.

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