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Canopy attaches every contract to the supplier’s master record, capturing the key information.

This means that contracts can be managed and monitored effectively, and provides immediate visibility of the nature and status of trade between you and your suppliers.

01 / Definitive approval and authorisation

Canopy ensures no one in your business can initiate trade with a supplier without a signed, approved contract in place, or adherence to your standard Terms & Conditions. Now you can identify suppliers that align with your ESG and diversity goals and make informed decisions about selection and engagement.

02 / Never miss a renewal

Don’t you hate it when you want to terminate a contract, but you’ve missed the notice period? Canopy automatically alerts you to all upcoming contract renewals, so contracts don’t roll on unknowingly, and you have time to make decisions before notice is due. Now you keep track of every contract in your business without having to do anything.

03 / Automate supplier termination 

When contracts end, Canopy’s business rules ensure supplier availability is updated appropriately. This means you’ll never accidentally raise a new PO against a supplier you are no longer contracted to work with. Now you automate supplier availability.

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Use Canopy to improve the efficiency and timeliness of contract management throughout your business.

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