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Bring your whole business together around supplier data you can trust.

Canopy’s Vendor Master Record gives you complete visibility of your supply chain, reducing spend, increasing productivity, and eliminating admin.

01 / Deploy a single, accurate, up-to-date master record for every supplier

Quickly access all supplier information from one secure record (contracts, banking information, ESG, diversity, performance ratings, and more). Your business stakeholders, such as Finance and Sales can access the information they desperately need. Now you can resolve issues and action opportunities faster.


02 / Improve accuracy across all business departments

APIs and data exchange capabilities pull information from third-party sources and internal business systems; this means all your systems work with the same up-to-date data, immediately increasing accuracy and efficiency across all business departments. Now you have reduced manual effort and costs.

03 /  Know who you’re working with

Canopy ensures you fully understand who your suppliers are, what they do for you, and where they work. This information is also available to all the buyers in your business, acting as a directory of already-onboarded suppliers to trade with. Now you have all your supplier information at your fingertips.

Bring your stakeholders together around a single trusted supplier dashboard and gain a competitive advantage.

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3 minutes to find out how effective your supplier management systems really are.

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